Friday, March 5, 2010

Why Don't You Go to Church Anymore (part 3)?

Responsibility is a crossroads for some. It is a poressure that the unequiped try to escape. we see this in family/divorce court, jail houses, bars, and on street corners. Life is hard for them because of what they believed, a decision was made, and the result followed. It doesn't feel good, there are no endorphins, and saying what they hate is more likely then enjoying all whart could have been.

Regret (guilt, remorse, low self esteem, despair, grief, discouragement) come when people get to their lowest point. Some rely on superficial means (alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, brawls, etc.) to get from their slump. These things don't work. Others come to a place where there is levity or at least a means to be happy. Studies have been done about having faith in someone bigger than ourselves. Just knowing that the pressures of life not being on our backs is in of itself a release off of our minds. The poverty in the world, war, the children without parents, thieves, prostitutes, drug addicts, car crashes, cities in ruin, the recession, scandalous politicians, influential celebrities with sorted lives, was just all too overwhelming to view each and everyday. Its alot to shoulder and if carried for long periods can explain the mental/emotional health of some people. Understanding that no one person can everything about social plight everywhere. We make charitable donations to those who need. Whether it actually gets to the people isn't your worry. You have done your part. If you think you should do more, then make a career out of it. Go study and see what job is best suited for you to make the changes you have a passion to do.

God created the world. God created people. People make decisions - good or bad. Having the belief that God sees all and is patient for us to do what is right takes time. Think of it this way, when your parent made decisions for you, how long was it before you rebelled? When did your parent stiop cleaning up your messes and allowed you to see what you have done? How long did it take for you to grow up and be the person you are now - responsible, successful,  productive? It siwhat a parent hopes for.

God is good. God is our heavenly Father. If your parent , having to learn what good is before teaching you to be good, how much more would our heavenly Father do for us?

Out of all that is offered in life for us, there is no endorphin that feels better than having faith. Witht hat decision, the best results follow. (Deuteronomy 30:19 NIV), (Proverbs 15:4 AMP)