Thursday, February 16, 2012

If Frustrated, Go To Him

I was answering these questions on another website and was wondering if someone is just sitting at a desk making these questions up rather them being from actually people who find these things are real problems. Its what some of us think when looking at reality T.V. or the court shows that are viewed. Because we are not in those types of situations and can't see ourselves doing some of the stupid things that some people do, we tend to think that they can't be real. Many times I wonder what happened to common sense. Don't you?

But when no one reads the guide to life, you get what you get (Deuteronomy 30:19 KJV). Is it easier to do that hit and miss kind of tactic so that their children won't make the same mistakes? That's why you tell your children of the mistakes made - right? But isn't that what the bible is there for? And if it is so hard to understand for some people, isn't that what church is there for? I mean, well, God is good and the Heavenly Father of us all. So it would make sense that Him being good would give us a guide to follow. Its what any good father would do - provide for his children. But there we go back to common sense because there are those that are called good fathers and don't even do the simplest of things to be called good (Matthew 7:11-12 KJV).

How is it that we spend so much time reading things that won't do us a bit of good in the long scheme of things and won't take the time to do what could change our lives for the better? How is it that there are those that criticize someone's faith in the bible and not read it for themselves to find out why anyone hold onto their beliefs? Is it easier to believe that one can do it all themselves or that there is a Greater One watching over you? Why blame God for matters in life when you didn't believe in Him in the first place?

Tiring of the questions people have of a faith they never tried to study, I looked at my history of answering such questions and saw the last time I tried to answer some was 7 months ago. Before then it was 3years ago. Either I am being worn down, tolerating more, or have grown up to be more of an assistance to others. I hope the things I have answered are of some assistance and these entries read are of further use.

I stopped writing this particular blog thinking it was too academic for anyone to use. The emergence of it is in response to the aforementioned questions. Please click on the links used as a reference. I will do my best to maintain this blog as well. Be blessed.