Thursday, June 3, 2010

Do Your Own Search

There are far too many people that put their trust in professionals not knowing anything about them. Yes, I understand the concept of paying someone for their expertise because they went to school for that special subject that you not have the inkling nor the weatheral to stomach going through the hours they endured for the lectures, books, studying, tests, exams, just to do it all over again and keep abreast of any new reports that could make them do their jobs even better. With all of that tenacity to keep at it to get that specialized degree for the purpose of helping other people, it doesn't change the character of the integrity of the person.

How do find a professional with integrity? How do find an excellent lawyer, doctor, surgeon, dentist, building contractor, accountant, bank manager, or the like who isn't looking to clean all of your assets? Face it, there are too many people these days that went to school and chose the professions that they did soley for the money.

I would like to pose a few scenarios. You look at the dynamics of them and create a means where thwe layperson can come out of it ahead of the game.

Scenario #1:
You have a horrendous toothache and are going to see a dentist that one of your co-workers recommends. She has been going to this dentist since she was a child and has never steered her wrong in all of the years she has been going to him. He makes sure that you will not feel any pain and does not do any unnecessary procedurtes that you don't need... she says. So based on her word, you go see this dental professional. He has the hygenist do what she does and then comes to see you. Upon the first glance of your tooth, he says, "you have to have that pulled." You know it is a wisdom tooth and there is no reason to pull it if it isn't decayed. You convey that you would like to keep all of your teeth at all costs. He tells you that because of the shape of your face that you wouldn't be able to clean it properly and it will have to be pulled because of decay anyway, it might as well be now. You are in excruciating pain and know that what the dentist just said was crap! You ask could he free the gums from around the tooth so you won't feel any pain. He says no. Then he leaves with the hygenist who comes back in a few minutes to finish the cleaning you thought was already complete. She pokes at your gum with a pointy metal thing and asks if that hurts? You frown and nodd; she leaves to tell the dentist. He comes back with the x-rays to show a shadow around your tooth and says it is hidden tooth decay. What do you do?

Scenario #2:
You have been married for less than a year and are pregnant with twins. You are just elated with being a parent for the first time and everyone else is giving you such support and well wishes. The doctor has asked you some odd questions about you history (work, education, and income). Not knowing what that has to do with anything, you answer all of the questions that he says are necessary for the files. The pregnancy is going well although there has been a few times where the doctor says some little comments that are unnerving seeing it is your first pregnancy. He waits for your respionse to the odd things he says. The more questions you have the more inuendoes he seems to tell. Shaking off the wierdness of the conversation because the last thing you asked he said it had nothing to do with your health, the babies, or the outcome of the delivery. Then out of the blue after your scheduled visit, you get a frantic call from one the nurses who states that you have to come back to the office as soon as possible. The tests came back and showed something that the doctor must see know it isn't what he thinks it is. What is it, you ask. The nurse says that she can't say and it would be better that you come in and speak to the doctor. Knowing that you dont have a reason to be alarmed that you, the babies, your family and your spouse's family are all healthy you say with much confidence and conviction, " if it is all that important, have the doctor call me to make an appointment." The nurse answers with a tone as if it would be to your benefit to do as she asks, you hang up the phone. The doctor calls and says that the tests came back that you are a carrier of (pick an ethnic ailment of your nationality). You are in your 8th month and he is requiring a pelvic exam for some ailment that requires a blood test that you know you don't have and couldn't possibly be a carrier of. What do you do?

Scenario # 3:
Your car sounds funny. It sounds like the transmission. You have had the car (used) for about a year and have been taking good care of it. When going to the dealer, you see the salesman who sold you the car. She is very friendly and assures that the mechanics will find whatever the problem is and for you not to worry. When seeing the mechanic, you tell him what the problem is. He claims that you ned for the transmission to be overhauled and that will run you about $1500.00. Not expecting to have to spend that much, you have to make a decision. You simply can't keep driving the car with it sounding like it does. The mechanic is looking at you for answer as to what to do. He is not giving any other recourse that might not be as expensive. The warranty has run out and you know there is nothing else that sales person is going to do. The sale is done. She couldn't care less if set fire to the car. Just at that moment, you know it would be better just to get a tune up. Can't explain why you know this, you just do. When you tell this to the mechanic, he becomes soooo agitated as if you were making a decision about his car. He says that you are going to ruin the car if you don't do as he suggested. You maintain with your decision. The tune up takes an inordinate amount of time and when giving the diagnostic, you see that all of the fluids have been checked and filled. The mechanic is still clearly annoyed with you and shows this by not giving you the complimentary wasjhing of the vehicle when you leave. Oh well, the car is fixed, you say to yourself. You don't need the car washed anyway. You leave the garage and notice that your car sounds the same. Again, you get the feeling to go to a car parts store and get some transmission fluid. Checking the fluid witht he dipstick, you find the container completely empty. Filling it then driving, you see the car resumes sounding in top shape. You realize the mechanic was trying to cheat you out of some major cash that would have cost you $4.75. Angry at what has happened, what do you do?

Those are three separate scenarios that has happened to me. I have changedsmall bits and pieces where you could see yourself in them. My reaction could be completey different than what you would do. The point is, if you don't have some information before going into the so called professional establishment, it is like going to a wolf's den who sees you as prey. Your weapons of defense are being informed so you can be respected and the wolf sees he cannot take advantage of you. It isn't about going back to school (unless if thats what you would like to do), but just getting some minor facts. You have the internet. It is easy now.

With all of this new fangled technology, you have to be more aware than ever before. Remember the liquid protein that was suppose revelutionize the diet industry. People died from that. Think about all of the animal tested products for human safety. The long and short of that is, how do doctors know that the tested product doesn't cause some mental incapacity? Animals don't talk. Studying an animal's behavior doesn't mean that humans will react the same way. How is it that one set of medical professionals profess to keep from processed foods for your health and yet the medication is processed? The law requires for pharmeceutical companies to advertise the side effects to mediucations along with the benefits. When I asked my doctor why give a med that might cause such side effects and his answer is, well the side effects isn't as bad as the initial issue. Isn't that a matter of opinion seeing that the doctor won't be experiencing the side effects. Who's body is it anyway?

Just be alert and do your homework before embarking with telling any professional anything. He has many questions for you before taking your case. Shouldn't you have questions of your own before giving him your business? (Hosea 4:6 AMP)